Thursday, May 14, 2009

Production Cont'd

Good to know some of you are actually interested in our production reports. It gives some of you more inside info and some transparency into what we're actually up to. We'll try and include as much insight as possible. Let us know if you readers would like more specific information through the comments section. What are you lot interested in?

So the rest of the Wednesday was spent at LLG to link up with the patternmaker and our production manager to sort out some of our proto samples. When we make a sample in Singapore, it's usually about 80% correct. Our trips to Jakarta usually involve fully correcting the garment so as to have it ready to show our manufacturer in China.

Moving on, we decided to create a pattern for a new style that is underway. This one required for us to get our patternmaker (PM) to whip something up from scratch. This one required my urgent attention so as to get the shape of the shirt absolutely on point. The sewing was also a little more tricky. This will be Sifr's standard relaxed fit shirt. Measurements should emulate our gusset shirts currently in store. Just with a longer tail.

I then touched base with our PM at about 12pm and spoke to him for about 15 minutes to iron out any confusions. By about 2.30 pm the pattern was done and we were cutting the fabric. Things really get moving down here and we're absolutely grateful for that.

While the fabric was being cut, I whipped out on of our proto samples that needed a lot of correcting. We created a pair of pants with a completely elastic waistband. With that said, we didn't want it to look like a pair of pajama pants. Therefore, we decided to make half of it elastic, and the other half without. We decided to throw on a button and cording on the inner part of the band. It's looking healthier now.

This style is particularly interesting. One would usually associate shirting fabric strictly with shirts. This time however, we thought that if this fabric was suitable above your waist, why not use it below. This would amount to a very comfortable, lightweight pair of pants ideal for this sickly/muggy weather. Paired with a t-shirt or a clean shirt and you've got a money fit right there. These will come in all sorts of colors and patterns. Trust us, this could be the next big thing out there for all the more practical/weather-dependent customers.

I then went to harass the factory operations manager/merchandiser/bouncer. In an effort to throw my weight around, he really showed me who the boss was down there. I was made to relinquish ownership of my eyeglass cord. I wasn't happy.

Done for the day and waiting on samples. We clocked in about 6 hours worth of solid work. All this probably amounted to about 10 days worth of work in Singapore with consideration paid to delays, lags, etc.

I'll be back with progress of 3rd day focusing on our standard relaxed fit shirt. 


Anonymous said...

Im gonna hold my breathe for the final outcome, but taking into account for the weather, brilliant! Its really great that a clothing label looks into being practical. Keep this posts coming!

cjf said...

Thanks for the support! Hopefully you won't have to hold your breathe for too long. :)

galuh said...

well done.