Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Freshness Mag feature on Hirofumi Kiyonaga

Freshnessmag has been a reliable news portal on sneakers, toys, fashion and the sub-culture context that goes with it since its first days in 2003. It's reach for knowledge spans across continents and transcends the internet.

This feature on Hirofumi Kiyonaga the founder of SOPHnet, F.C. Real Bristol, and co-founder of Uniform Experiment with Hiroshi Fujiwara has brought great joy to me for the following reasons. Firstly it was in english, secondly you don't come across too many features on Hirofumi and insight into the SOPH brand. He was part of the youth culture movement that took place in Harujuku in the late 90s but not so much in the spot light right now like his counter parts: Fujiwara, Miyashita, Nigo, Takashi. SOPH is well known in its own right in the Japanese domestic market and has recently been expanding it's stockist overseas as interest picks up. Hopefully they will start doing a XL.

I won't say anymore as this feature covers a lot of info on the man himself and the labels he's behind, ENJOY!