Tuesday, May 15, 2007

We finally got there.

The store is now open. It's taken us a while but we're finally there. We opened today for a short while at 4pm. Tomorrow will be our first full day.

Eugene and myself have been running around a whole lot. It's felt like a long week and it's only Tuesday. We are both looking forward to a good response after all the other preparation work we've had to go through.

See you all very soon. Come b(u)y sometime to just sit around and what not. Thanks for the support through and through.


Nikeeta said...
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Nikeeta said...

Congratulations Suraj. Hope all goes well and you get a lot of b(u)yers ;)

Miss Delusional said...

Congrats Surri! Put some photos up of the finished product when you got the time =)

Michelle Melwani said...

Surri - i wanna see the completed website. pls email us when its done.