Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Prep Work

Some of the boys came down two weeks ago to help with the store prep. I got Rish and Inny to come and work on some stuff with me. The apartment was a shithole but I had no choice. Anyone who knows me knows I have a thing for neatness. I prefer calling it that. The others call it being anal.

I believe you can carry out tasks without making a mess if you're careful enough. Some others don't believe that. So anyway, we all started taking stock and tagged all the clothing that weekend. The guys pretty much chipped in and we got all the stuff rolling. Some were allocated store duty which meant they had to go to the store to check on the renovation progress and some had to sit at the apartment and get work done. Nonetheless, when push came to shove, all of us were shoving.

The boys also understood my frustration when they too would go to the store to find that things weren't getting done on time. They basically knew I wasn't going to move into the store that weekend. Not a problem, Rishi wiped away my concerns with a $463 purchase. Thanks for that mate. I appreciate it.

When they left, Eugene and myself went ahead and sorted out all the other admin stuff. It somehow flew by and then my parents came. They were real useful as well. My father could also see that shit was just taking too long or not getting done and that pissed him off as well. We decided to take action and basically claim the store space back and start moving into the store. By Friday evening we had our prayers and then we moved in.

I'm not real religious but I felt the need for them anyway. I need all the help I can get.

The move to the store turned out well. Everyone chipped in again and that made it a lot quicker. In no time we unpacked and got the place ready. We have basically now started running the place. There are a lot of little things in store like leaks and damages and what not that need to be sorted out. The place is real old so we get problems there that most people don't have to face when in a mall. The cockroach count has reached 7. The glass roof leak repair count has reached 5.
We also need to add mats and other things to the change room.

The website also needs to get finished. That should be done very soon. The response on the forums really warrants for us to get this thing up and running. That'll help us identify ourselves better.

Here are some photographs from 2 weeks ago. Tough time!

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