Thursday, February 01, 2007

Store Progress

I have finally come about to get a lot of shit done.

Ever since the boys left I went in ready to work and to try and get this stuff going. I met with the Interior Designers to sort out the design of the space. I also rendered their services to figure out the Corporate ID after having troubles with another firm. Their stuff just wasn't spot on even after 7 rounds of possible solutions.

I am a firm believer in getting this absolutely right. This is because the store logo and name is the first thing that people lay their eyes on. It's the most important thing to get right and I can say that I have spent a shitload of time on this.

I did consult several people whom I very much trust with shit like this. Those 4 people embody my ideal customer so it would be right to have asked them. Those people know who they are.

I have been having trouble with the contractor though. It is a painful process and has been taking the piss out of me. I set a budget but they have gone over it and they are now trying to reduce the overall costs. I am already neck deep in debt so start-up costs really need to be reduced. I know it sounds boring but it's something to look out for. There's the first lesson for all you people looking to start up a retail store.

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Yanda said...

hi. i just popped into your blog and read your archives too. interesting project u have have. would be good if u could share with me what it is about?