Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Full Swing

As of today, I would like to declare this as an information source for anyone of you that wants to open up their own store. Feel free to reach me via email or phone. I am always available to share my fuck-ups and my experiences. I have a lot of them so I'm always eager to share. Most of you who found your way here will probably know how to reach me already so you can use those methods.

I am completely focused on this project right now and will be updating this blog like I used to on a daily basis. I have been camera shy and have not worked hard on getting pictures up. I will do that though. Don't doubt the committment.

As far as updates go, renovations have started as of Monday and we are in full swing. We will take approximately 1 whole month. We will be done by the end of March and OPENING BY THE MIDDLE OF APRIL.

I went there yesterday and the wall that allows access upstairs has now been broken down so that we can have just the one main door. No seperate access routes for upstairs and downstairs.

Electrical works have started. Plumbing has been completed. Basically the initial stages are fuckin boring and shit starts getting interesting in the second to third week of work. By Monday however, the glass roof will come in so we will be able to see some sort of a difference. I will wait to show that to you guys as that is one of the highlights of the place and will only look good upon completion.

Our website holding page is up. You can visit

I will be back tomorrow with photographs.

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