Thursday, May 05, 2011

Road to Blueprint

We're participating in the Blueprint trade show on the 18th of this month.

We've been hard at work for some time now trying to get all of our final product ready for the big show. Our booth will have us featuring our ever popular Essentials line as well as our Ready-to-Wear line and some accessories. Our footwear samples are looking great and we hope some of you will feel the same way.

All of this would not be possible without our team of Designers, Manufacturers, Sample Makers, and Soldiers. We hope you enjoy checking out the goods as much as we enjoyed the entire process of conceptualizing and preparing everything.

I was just in Indonesia for a bit of time and will be headed back there this weekend. Here's a short rundown of our trip down there;

We're preparing and finalizing the last bit of the new batch of Sifr Essentials. The new colors are beautiful. Remember to always "Take Time".

Cut panels ready to be fed into the sewing lines. This is the exciting part.

3 new updates to look forward to; size XXL (for our Australian customers), the "Holistic Living" Marigold screenprint to always remind you all who we/you are and what we/you represent. Take this is a reminder to always live well and look after yourselves by any means possible. Lastly, we're going to be introducing the Long-Sleeved versions of these garments for everyone that asked.

Above is a photo of how they position the pockets for our Essentials line. This is quite uncommon in your usual T-shirt. Our manufacturer uses a cardboard pattern to mark each individual piece to get the most accurate placement. This is to ensure a consistent quality.

Below is our next generation Pajaya that was highly popular for us. This time with gross-grain tape, real horn stoppers and another detail that was borne out of your feedback; pockets!

Below is the worst part of my job. Hopefully not for long.

Below is the shirting line for our new collection that features translucent/sheer fabrics with a touch of South Asian Flair. We've paired some premium Japanese voile with Tonal netting for a real subtle feel. This is one of the many shirting styles that'll be up on display.

So far so good, back to the grind for the final week running into Blueprint.

See you soon.



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