Monday, May 02, 2011

BROWN BAG! sifr & darker than wax & kin / post party

To everyone that came down, a big thank you! To everyone that missed out, we will be back soon!

This party happening was amazing for us! Brown Bag was something that was talked about and talked about and to finally see it come to fruition has been a great experience. We will be keeping the party with the weather, something fresh that'll blow by every now and then.

A big thanks to everyone that took part in making this happen: Kinki, Darker Than Wax, Musique Large, Fulgeance, sifr, KIN, DBS and x-mini!

Peep the photos on facebook or our flickr, also take a look at the post party video we put out.

110515 Kinki Bar - 152

110515 Kinki Bar - 151

110515 Kinki Bar - 133

110515 Kinki Bar - 129

110515 Kinki Bar - 142


Brown Bag!

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