Sunday, January 16, 2011

sifr 2011 : holistic design 0.1

We are going to be releasing a set of unedited anecdotal videos from our production trips in Jakarta, sourcing trips in Japan, to our day to day operations in Singapore. In this series of posts & videos we will be touching on everything from production based techniques to things we learn about in our visual merchandising that we've picked up over the last two years and employing in our brand today. Hope you enjoy the footage!

In this video Suraj is touching briefly on "stitches per inch" something that is integral in constructing any garment. SPI has a direct impact on the strength of the seam, the appearance of garment, and can affect the elasticity on certain fabrics and seam puckering. Seam strength depends on several factors: fabric weight & type, stitch & seam construction, stitches per inch, the type of thread and its size, and balancing the tension between stitches. SPI differs from garment to garment, fabric, weight and so on.

Consistency is also mentioned in the video something that resides in our design process but is visually distinct once the garment comes into reality.

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Ghost said...

Very good demo article and video...liked it!