Friday, January 14, 2011

Jakarta R&D

Above are some photos from the last trip. I'll try to be more up to date in the future.

Back again in Indonesia for more sifr related R&D.

Now that we're up at CK Tangs level 3, it's been a real game-changer. Distribution to a boutique and to a department store are two different playing fields.

With great exposure comes greater scrutiny. Therefore, we're required to make sure that the floor is constantly filled with good product.

With that said, we're back in Indonesia doing more R&D as well as making sure the upcoming merchandise is sailing through the production process smoothly.

I'm at the factory and will be here till next Thursday so feel free to let us know what you want us to feature in the comments section.

- ssm


D. said...

I think it will be nice to have an informal interview or Q&A with the shoemakers, thought it would be nice to hear the voice(s) behind the craftsmanship!

K.I.N said...

For sure, I will look into it however, it's been unstable for us since our shoe manufacturer is quite aloof. One day he's in the business and the next day he's not. Once we find someone solid, we'll definitely do a healthy feature on it.

Anonymous said...

would be great to see the process of shoe making over there!

cjf said...

Looking awesome!!!