Friday, October 01, 2010

K.I.N. new magazines in store

we're in the process of augmenting our reading section, 2 new additions that have dropped into store these last few weeks. if you have any suggestions for rare/niche/hard to find magazines, please leave a comment.

apartmento: visits, interviews and documents personal spaces; no gloss, no styling, just embracing the human element of inhabitance. a mix & match of old and new. apartamento captures personality not perfection. quoted off of japanese webzine, shift's feature on apartamento awhile back, "We will not show tidy interiors because they don’t exist outside your mum’s imagination. We want to show how people arrange their homes and the solutions they find to the same problems you have."

bjournal: is a collaboration between two photographers; Alvin Tang & Joel Chan. Their works are simple yet sincere. Through their well-crafted printed journal, they hope to get in touch with more like-minded artists for future collaboration.

Grab them at the store. They're beautiful!

mags in store (3 of 3)

mags in store (2 of 3)

mags in store (1 of 3)

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jeffery said...

have you guys though about fantastic man? i remember reading a post on it here a long time back