Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Window Display by KARYA.

What began as an idea pitch during our weekly meeting sessions has turned into reality in 2 months. The idea originated from a disagreement we had during the meeting over the full utilization of our window space. The idea of merchandising curation was getting old and the potential impact of the window was being greatly undeserved as not only a space within KIN but as a public space as well. Not only do we want our window display to attract shoppers' attention, we wanted to convey an authentic message - something that resonates with the store's ethos.

We can not express how pleased we are with the work produced by KARYA, an architecture based design collective based out of Malaysia.

This is an excerpt explaining their idea behind the installation:

"The work installed by the team depicts the dynamics of the brand's growth and immeasurable potential. The work is made up of networks, an analogy and imagery of the brand's numerous developed connections throughout the years in Singapore's fashion scene. In its formation, the work also signifies KIN's intended growth and expansion in influence and bridging ties regardless of distance and dimension. The usage of thread, buttons and color exploitation lends a light-hearted air to the installation, a direct juxtaposition to it's mature theme. Lines are kept clean, sharp and minimal, materials are experimented to match KIN's outlook and KARYA's attribute."

Just as their work reflects growth, the team at KIN has unanimously agreed that this project is the start of many to come from 2011 onwards where we get creative entities to do work on KIN's window display on a quarterly basis.

This project reflects our determination to engage the local creative community to do collaborative projects with KIN. A considerable and positive change from our initial usage of the window display as product placement to utilizing the space currently, as a 'blank canvas' for creative expression.

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Anonymous said...

Good to see you guys taking it to the next level. Nobody seems to be doing this shit locally.