Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Marc Newson Transport

The summer drought of art shows is over and the galleries in Chelsea have reopened. I'd read about Marc Newson's Transport exhibit online few weeks ago and decided to pop over during lunch this Monday. Unfortunately, it turns out that Monday is one of the Gagosian Gallery's days off. I guess they haven't completely reopened. But my curiosity was piqued by rejection and a quick glimpse through the closed doors, so I went back today and found the show well worth the second trip.

Transport explores a range of Newson's locomotion products. A cabin designed for the EADS Astrium Space-Plane prototype gives a glimpse of the future of travel, while the Ford 021C concept car illustrates how stylish it can be today. And if it is style that you're after, then the 33 foot speedboat designed for famed Italian boat maker Riva is right for you. It is crafted using an innovative set of materials, including a laminate made form linen and resin, and is only produced in an edition of 22.

In and amongst these more standard forms of transportation were several esoteric products. Against one wall leaned a Nickel surfboard used for tow-in surfing. And on the opposite side of the room, a shoe designed in collaboration with Nike for Russian cosmonauts.

Concept runs the risk of becoming synonymous with outlandish, but in Newson's work it does not. All the products appeared rigorously designed and highly practical, while welcoming a strong sense a playfulness. It is as if childhood toys were transformed into fully functioning models. I found myself wondering why his cars weren't already on the street, and his planes in the sky, and desperately wishing they were. A few pictures below.

Each piece of this car, from the dials to the tiers, were individually designed and then crafted in top tier automotive factories.

Nickel has a natural bouncy that makes it ideal for surfing. When in use, this board is meant to look like a knife-through-water.

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