Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tim Hamilton

I've been a long time fan of Tim Hamilton, and even had the opportunity to attend two of his shows, so I was happy to see he's nailed it again with his Spring '11 collection. Instead of discussing this show in particular, I want to pick out a quality of his clothing that runs through all his work. His looks are always relevant, and his style continues to evolve, but it never slips into the turbulent waters of trend. This is because the clothing's style spring from its construction. His suits aren't just immaculately tailored, they are tailored for a purpose. In the case of the Spring '11 show that purpose seems to be the exploration of uniforms. Borrowing an architectural adage, in Tim Hamilton's work, "Form follows function." And as a result it stands in stark contrast to the work of many other labels, young and old, whose garments seem to be splattered with trend like a bad spray tan. The pay off of Tim Hamilton's approach - clothing that works individually, as a collection, and stays wearable for seasons to come. Proof below.

-MRC, New York City

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