Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Naked and Famous denim

The many sides of Naked and Famous. In no particular order they range from about 2mths-8mths of wear. 1-3 washes/soaks.

Now in store in Weird Guy, Skinny Guy and Slim Guy cuts. SGD 229-279 and Yes, we do ship overseas for Free!

Pictures courtesy of Superfuture forum. Join it here


Anonymous said...

hey just thought id give you some customer feedback for your online shop to help you improve little things.

unsure of whether this is just my browser, but perhaps when scrolling over the small different coloured t-shirts, the larger picture could change as well? this could help identify each colour more accurately

also, when i went to put mallard green vneck t-shirt seasonal by sifr into my basket, the picture when i went to check out was of a red tee.

and just one more, maybe creating a 'view cart' button would also make it run a bit more smoothly

hope this is just a browser issue and that im just making assumptions because your stuff is great

also please delete this comment as i only posted it here because i assumed it would be the easiest way to contact you guys

K.I.N said...

Thanks for your email. We're looking through everything and will write back to you on here right away. Thanks.

cjf said...

thanks for your feedback :)

we've talked about the points you've brought up.

1) we've noted that a javescript scroll over / zoom that you've mentioned is a must for our next update, we agree with you 100% there

2) the check out is a little iffy on that, this is something we've called shopify about. we can however amend this by creating individual product pages for each item but then as a customer you have to scroll through a lot of pages. will sort out the color to product issue, as soon as we can.

3) if you select an item for checkout, a cart menu item pops up called, "cart".

thanks for your feedback, it shows that you care enough to let us know.



Anonymous said...

thats really great that you guys got back so quickly on my post.

oh ok cool, thanks for the heads up, i should have investigated that further.

i too know how important customer feedback is and so im happy to have helped you guys. all the best

and im happy that you guys created a dedicated online shop.

K.I.N said...

Thanks again Anonymous.

Feedback is great. Chris take note, we should write a blog post on this and highlight to customers that we really welcome it and only good things come out of it.

That's really why we also didn't delete the comment from TS.

Thanks and regards,

Suraj Melwani

Anonymous said...


Do you have the name of the model in picture 3?

And what work were done on them.

the fading was just sick!