Thursday, June 17, 2010

We've Moved Out

we moved out of haji lane a few weeks back, and by we i mean the upstairs office that was residence to the sifr and kin paper pushers(us). the store is still intact at number 51, the upstairs is vacant, and we're still trying to figure out the best course of action for space that once sold shoes, housed artwork and roofed a couple of people working together.

touching base on the team of individuals that slowly took over the upstairs space. the evolution of the office space took place over a span of 13 months. from the team being scattered across the two floors (we were measuring clothes on the main counter, conducting meetings on the couch surrounded by shoes, typing out letters on the vintage upholstered chairs). we started to congregate in the upstairs region of the shophouse. next thing we knew shoes went downstairs and there was this huge ping ping table in the middle of the room providing desk space for 3 people.

it's almost been about three months since we've moved into our new residences at tan boon liat building, i think it's about time i throw the move out photos up.

*note my leg is busted that's why i am not helping out with the move

haji move (1 of 9)

haji move (2 of 9)

haji move (3 of 9)

haji move (5 of 9)

haji move (6 of 9)

haji move (8 of 9)

haji move (7 of 9)

haji move (9 of 9)

haji move (4 of 9)

a lot of people have not seen our new working environment, photos will be up in due time.

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Anonymous said...

i know this is silly..but i love those downlights in ya office..mind sharing where are those from? thanks! >k