Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Engineered Garments SS10

We haven't officially released the drop of this seasons EG but things have already sold out in our biggest buy to date, which has taken us by surprise. We're sorry if you missed some styles it's been less than a few days and we've told literally no one. I guess it must be the nice twist Daiki has put on things this season, it's all Americana but I think he went a little more towards his Woolrich aesthetics, (the other line he curates that is known to be more edgy in terms of design approach). The tonal palate in our buy is rather muted (we excluded the flamboyant florals), you'll see a nice spectrum of darks and lights in a number of styles. We also covered a few size runs of spring/summer outerwear(sports coats only, we didn't include any field jackets or vests).

Please come by as soon as possible so you don't miss on anymore potential items. We've already contacted New York to see if there is any goods in their warehouse for a second drop, but please don't wait around for that.

Kind Regards,