Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Of Forest, Sea and Mountain

The two people responsible for the photography in the sifr lookbook and the K.I.N zine are having a gallery exhibition soon. Some information below.

Of Forest, Sea and Mountain
by Ang Song Nian, Dju-lian Chng and Jovian Lim

Evoking a sense of an unusual mix of romanticism and avant-garde, it is the personal self-interpretation of landscapes and a reflection of the emerging innovations of photography. This exhibition will challenge the very archetypal notions of landscape and introduce a fresh visual introspective of their personal constructed landscapes deliberately imbibed with intended meanings about life, technology and space.

Dju-lian re-explores the existing lens-subject relationships, metamorphosing images of the real into something digitally obscure while highlighting technological prowess and its ability to shrink worldly boundaries. Jovian’s works draws upon and challenges the classic mythological ‘heroic journey’ by illustrating abstract parallels to the realities experienced in our daily lives. Finally, Song Nian works depict voluminous amount of greens, space and confetti to suggest the relationship with
the environment and humans.

RSVP by 23 Nov shihan@2902gallery.com
Exhibition runs till 16 Dec 2009

2902 Gallery, OldSchool, 11b, Mount Sophia, Block B, #B2-09, S(228466)
t: 6339 8655

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