Saturday, October 03, 2009

A Video Interview with Tangs


TANGS Singapore: Fashion Lifestyle Blog - Monologue Sessions 2: The boys from K.I.N. and SIFR

Hope it's not as hard for you as it was for us to watch this. (Self loathing concept)


George said...

I know. When I see my own image on video or hear my own voice recording, i cringe big time. But still, nice one guys.

cjf said...

Thanks for the feedback George :) Yeah i had deleted and reposted the video interview several times before finally succumbing into posting it up.

Love the look/content of your blog!

Anonymous said...

real nice job on da vid~!! both of you sound great

jamiec said...

hey chrisjohn! great talk on the vid mate. will be landing back into singapore early dec, see you then.