Monday, October 05, 2009

A Flashback Production Post, Shenzhen – Guangzhou: Part 3

Completely slipped my mind to finish up the final segment of the production post until the subject of Shenzhen came up over dinner the other night. Hopefully the relevance of this hasn't completely evaporated.

The final installment of the SZ - GZ production trip which took place ... over nine months ago. Damn time flies.

Arriving at the factory

Finishing up some sampling in the conference room

doesnt feel like china
A beautiful cafe we found in this small alcove in Guangzhou

gate to
Oldschool apartment

intersting shop
An interesting shop, they had a full on bootleg NikeSportsWear display

a shot
Mid-day tequila shot, Suraj's birthday

Back massager in park

Very quaint and pretty green space within the alcove

Textile center escalator vanity shot

textile center
Textile center bustling

Overwhelming how big the textile center is

Bape pajamas

nice view
Nice view to wake up to after a night of partying

guangzhou airpot
Eco friendly airport in Guangzhou, very nice use of natural light

Hope you guys enjoyed this installment of photos and captions. Will throw up the Tokyo fabric trip in a short bit.

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about time... haha jk! great post :)