Wednesday, August 26, 2009

MAKR Carry Goods

We're proud to say that we will be carrying MAKR in store within the next few weeks. Hailing from the United States, MAKR is taking a contemporary approach to craftsmanship and product development.  Their great quality wallets, bags and accessories are sourced, designed and hand-crafted in the US. Here are some press clippings and a link to their about section on their website.

Valet Mag

A Continuous Lean

A preview of some of the styles we will be carrying in store soon.


Anonymous said...

That looks really nice. How much will it be retailing at?

George Chua said...

Very Nice

cjf said...

Range is going to be from about 120ish - 170ish depending on the model. reasonably priced and well made from great materials