Saturday, November 08, 2008

Personality Profile

Some of you may have noticed our second print advertisement in this month's issue of Juice Magazine.

This time we chose to feature one of our regular customers who's all sorts of interesting. He started as a regular in store and then turned out to be a staple in our social circle. We are lucky down here to be meeting quality people like himself.

Part DJ, part Architect and part owner of one of the friendliest neighborhood bars in this city, Dean Chew is an all-rounder that we can relate to in store. His extensive knowledge and interest in hip-hop, funk and soul led him and his partners to start up their very own bar in the heart of Tanjong Pagar road where they are able to deliver the finest in comfort food and music. Many understand Tuckshop for what it is and have chosen to put themselves up there most Friday nights as we have. The lack of quality music around also contributed to the founding of Tuckshop and for that reason alone, we can confirm our gratitude towards mediocrity.

Not resting on his laurels, Dean's also a part of the musical duo aptly named "Cosa Nostra". These guys respect the timeless sounds of classic genres of music but push it foward to keep it relevant for modern ears and/or dancefloors. Call it the thinking man's beat if you will.

Dean's got no qualms, concerns, questions or fears for what's going on out there. He's just doing what he thinks he needs to with hope that the music scene will really flourish down here. Flooding the culture with deep, soulful music is his calling and we respect that on many levels. He is funk's most prized bastard.

Interestingly enough, he hand-picked the anti-fit Wood Wood Gemini Pant as the main piece to feature this month. He claims it suits his sensibilities because of the combination of fit and versatility but still mindful of edge. That sort of denim chambray can pretty much work as a denim jean as well as a pant. Bang for your buck goodness.

Stay tuned for next month's feature.

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