Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Live Fresh Block Party

Thanks to all that made an appearance at the Haji Lane Block Party.

Great to see the street filled with so much life thanks to the ample supply of Tiger Beer, popcorn and donuts.

The party clocked over 1000 people and as usual, the vibe in store was lively. Thanks to all who came by and had a few drinks with us. Good to see all of you under more social circumstances.

We hope you enjoyed the photography that has been displayed upstairs. If not, please do visit us and take a look. They will be up there indefinitely.

And lastly, Thanks to all the people involved in organising such an affair. We're looking forward to more.

1 comment:

j33p3rz said...

loving da atmosfear on live fresh...managed to kop some stuff on sale too...juz disappointed that the ubiqs i wanted badly were a size too small...any idea when da next shipment of ubiq shoes are cummin into KIN?