Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pointer Footwear

Remember when we said we had some surprises up our sleeves. We also mentioned something about more options for the long haul or something along those lines. Well here it is...

We're proud to announce that Pointer Footwear will make it's way in store. They are without a doubt one of the better footwear brands out there breaking necks and making good stuff that will stand the test of time. We guarantee it.

Outside of Japan, Singapore will be the only other country in Asia to stock Pointer Footwear. Our store is alongside the likes of Slam Jam in Italy, Size? in the UK, American Rag Cie in Japan and the US, The Reed Space in Japan and the US, United Arrows and other fine stores to host Pointer Footwear.

Here's what they have to say about what they're doing:

Established in 2004, Pointer was created with the aim of making simple, well-designed casual shoes in response to a market then saturated with increasingly technical trainers and hyped-up limited edition sneakers. Pointer employs people it likes, from artists to interns; based in London, the company is backed by a creative stable of friends and co-conspirators, inspired and informed by everything from art and music to skateboarding and breakfast.

These will be in next week and we'll be throwing on some fit photos on here so check back.

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