Sunday, January 06, 2008

Another year, Another yearn.

We're glad 07 is over. The start of a brand new business is always tough but we handled it okay. Thanks to all of our customers for their support be it money or good word. You people make coming to work like we're not really going to work.

We're looking forward to 08 to showcase some new labels in store. We're looking to bring in more of the good stuff from the major brands out there that we are real proud to work with. Trust us when we say that we're looking to give you all options that you can work with for the long-run.

In the meantime, check this clip from one of the better brands that are represented in Singapore:

That video is the reason why we really give a shit about WoodWood in store. They have created a solid following down here in Singapore and we'll be showing you guys some more of their designs next season. Simple and structured pieces followed by the random quirky oddities always keep people in check while stalking us for more.

If that video wasn't enough, check this funny ass inspiring interview on right here.


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