Sunday, October 07, 2007


Back with some solid updates for you lot.

Just to let you all know, I was away in Australia for a short holiday as well as to meet some people that are relevant to this business.

My thoughts and opinions on Melbourne will never change. That is one of the cities with a truly unique subculture that is constantly stirring up new and crazy shit all the time. I met with the likes of Pigeon Combine. If any of you guys have not heard of them, do some research. They are taking on a conceptual route toward streetwear and have created something like no other. The buzz in Singapore is louder than ever and they will supposedly be featured in Harper's Bazaar sometime soon. And they're not even represented here yet. Crazy.

I also met with the guys from Schwipe. Their stuff is loco. Their creative direction is no less. Those guys have good things happening down there. Mike Giant was the featured artist for that period of time (photos below). Imagine seeing some of that stuff inked on your body.

P.A.M was another stop. I went down to see the SS08 stuff at their office in Richmond. All I can say is that those guys keep turning it up season after season. Their expansion into Japan's Parco is another step in the right direction. You'll be as pleased with SS08 as I was. Guest artists will again include Fergadelic, Eye(Boredoms) and Josh Petherick.

Last but not least, we met the dudes behind Provider Trainers. Those guys have set up a second store in downtown Melbourne which is by far one of the better looking footwear stores around. We also got a sneak peak of their NB 1500's that are going to drop sometime at the end of the year or beginning of next. What a package!! Sure to make your eyes drool.

Back soon.

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