Sunday, October 07, 2007


The reason we were quiet with the updates was due to the AW07 drops as well as sorting out the Garni display.

This season we shuffled it up a bit.

Making their debuts in store are CTRL Clothing, Trainerspotter, WoodWood and the highly anticipated Garni Jewellery.

Hit up the CTRL website at for a trippy good time. Their ties with Vice magazine are really apparent in their creative direction and you all know we're mad about Vice down here. We've had quite a few phonecalls about CTRL so there it is.

Trainerspotter killed it with a tonne of great designs but we hand picked some of their stand out items. Their windjammers are second to none.

We beat a few people around town to get WoodWood from Denmark. It finally made it down here. Like P.A.M, these guys are really bringing it. They have really managed to achieve that balance between street and refined fashion. The guys on New Dandyism, Hypebeast, Highsnobiety are all on the bandwagon as well because of their lasting appeal. Some of their outerwear pieces go good with your frequent flyer miles.

P.A.M's AW07 pieces are sure fire. For all you lot that have come in and begged for us to unleash em, they are now available. I don't need to go into much detail about P.A.M. Enough already.

Last but definitely not least. Our efforts for Garni are on display. We have dedicated a cabinet on it's own for the products. The quality and price alone justify the need for a dedicated display space and I'm sure you lot won't be dissapointed. The skull rings are slowly dissapearing. For those of you that are pretty sick of Comme wallets and are looking for something different, the Garni accessories are a sure bet. Made in Japan and exclusive to us. Hell, refer back to my Japan visit post for more on that.

Back soon, DHL and UPS just dropped in. Maiden Noir and Julian Red are now in. P.A.M Hoodies are also in.

That's all for AW07. We'll keep you posted.

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