Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Sifr Artisan Footwear Photo Essay and Factory Walkthrough

Below is a short walkthrough around the factory that was responsible for our Footwear range. As you can see, the factory combines orthodox techniques with newer machines to hit the sweet spot with regards to Footwear Manufacturing. It is a beautiful setup that has craftsmanship at the core of the company's ethos.

Gluing Table. Our soles waiting to be attached onto the footwear.

As you can see, this factory still uses some older machinery that is not apparent in more modern footwear operations.

The welt that's being used on our Desert Boots. These come in long strings and are cut according to shoe sizes.

Our "Suresh" slip-on. Named after one of our company members. He inspired us to create this specific style. Thank You Mr. Suresh for this one.

"Suresh" unfinished.

The chipped/raw green on the conveyor system gives the factory a certain feel we can't quite put our fingers on.

Our visit was conducted on a Saturday afternoon which explains the quiet, almost eery feel about the place.

Belstaff work! Counter-Sample below.

German Machinery. Durkopp does all sorts of other sewing machinery. Check their site for a list of other products.

Unfinished soles.

The view from up above.

Not sure what this machine was. If any of you readers have an idea. Let us know.

Final product from the line. We were inspecting some of the finished goods to see if they were up to scratch. Everything worked out great. When you see these shoes at our retail stores, do yourselves a favor and take note of the product in it's entirety; check out the gold print on the insoles, notice the marigold emboss on the outsole, feel the leather, try it on knowing that you can put your faith in us to create a good product. It just keeps getting better every time. We stand for a whole lot more than just making things for you to buy.


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