Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Garment info you won't find anywhere else

What you see here is another trick of the rag trade. Read on..

In the case where your garments using dual fabric don't exactly match the color you are looking for, you can always paint it.

More specifically, this is a technique in garment manufacturing where you can use garment dye mixed accordingly to the color you are looking for. When you get the correct shade in the concoction, take a regular paintbrush, dab it into a little bit of the dye, blot and then paint away. I don't encourage doing this on your own. It takes experienced hands to get the job done. Always be sure to paint 1 coat all around first and go again as per your final requirement. Furthermore, be sure to let the coat dry to decide whether it matches before going again.

Watch the video and you'll notice at the middle mark that the base fabric does not match the jersey being used. This is a slight shade variation that was quite noticeable and we had to make sure that the jersey was matching the base fabric.

Worried about it running? Don't be.

As the paint/dye dries, the fabric will absorb it just as much as if you were dyeing it regularly. The garment outer layer may be a bit hard at first but after the ironing/steaming process, it'll be as good as if it was never painted.

Another one to keep handy. You read it here first.


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