Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Finally squeezing five mins of my time to contribute to one of the finest blogs around (in my opinion anyway) with three heavyweight musical selections...Darker Than Wax style. Hit me back if you are feeling the selections.

Funk bast*rd / Cosa Nostra, Darker Than Wax, Public Nuisance radio show
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1. The Tiaras - Lost Girls

2. Coco Bryce - Boesoek

3. Penner & Muder - Speak your mind


Anonymous said...

loving the second track! first one is a classic

what are your comments on the new talib album?

Anonymous said...


Funk Bast*rd said...

Hey there!
Gutter Rainbow?I do dig the album overall..still very much in the classic vein of Talib but we all love that now dont we! :)

your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

the second track started my friday!

cjf said...

duud dean only our post is getting comments waffack

Funk Bast*rd said...

chris, u really need to write in proper ENGLISH.