Sunday, April 04, 2010

The Polaroid SX-70 & The Impossible Project

Below is an excellent film done by the Eames highlighting the technicalities of how a Polaroid SX-70 works and functions as well as it's practical and creative uses. The reason why I mention this beautifully designed camera to you all is because of the recent revival of its film in the forms of the 'IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT'.

The great people at the IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT have made a huge strides in the preservation of analog photography something that is withering away from current pop society. As you all know Polaroid ceased producing its film in 2008. the result of this was inflated prices on ebay, people rushing to their nearest bulk wholesaler and stocking up in fear of not being able to ever use their Polaroid cameras again. The technology that Polaroid produced was in danger of becoming obsolete; hundreds of thousands of functioning cameras would be rendered useless due to the lack of film.

The IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT started in October of 2008, the mission entailed thousands of hours(17 month span) of collective research and work, the acquisition of the last functioning Polaroid film factory in Holland and invaluable support of Ilford Photo. The seeds sewn by the IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT have come to fruition in the form of several film types. These new film packs have breathed life into hundreds of thousands of Polaroid cameras around the world.

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Anonymous said...

hey, do you know if the impossible project restocks its film? It's currently out of stock of the one i want, and I'm new to the site.