Friday, February 05, 2010

Vanguard Designs: February Releases

The good people over at Vanguard Design just released their February bike collection, click the photos to find out more information or click on the link above to head to their main page.

From Vanguard’s private collection, the WWII BSA Paratrooper is an ultra rare and fully-stocked 1942 para-military folding bike. This exquisite museum-worthy piece comes with its authentic serial number, original British parts and components, including its front and rear brakes, wheel set, tyres, pedals, free-wheel, crank, and frame. One of the few (in full working and riding condition) in existence in the world today, this priceless find is specially released for all collectors and aficionados.

Inspired by British “club racers” and “all-rounders” of the 50s and 60s, √Čtienne is a durable, long distance urban commuter that is specially re-built and restored using a 1960s Raleigh Superb Sport frame. √Čtienne is fitted with a pair of front and rear Sturmey Archer drum brakes together and Sturmey Archer 3-speed gearing system with an original vintage stick shifter and external cable/pulley wheel. Whether participating in the l’eroica race or commuting to work everyday, √Čtienne will show you an unforgettable experience on a velocommute ride.

Cassidy is designed in tribute to the raw forms and athletic images of board track racing of the 1920s. This handsome ride is specially reconstructed and fabricated as a crafted objet d’art by Vanguard’s team in Portland. Fitted with leather saddles and a coaster hub brake, the finished product is a vintage inspired street cruiser, re-imagined for the modern world.

An ultimate ladies’ and gentlemen’s ride, Sabine is chic, simple and responsive. Built using a restored and re-fabricated 1970s Bridgestone multi-speed bike, Sabine is a no-nonsense single-speed ride that comes stripped down and presented in its purest form and function. Low on maintenance and high on the chic quotient, this ride comes ready fitted with leather gear as well as a coaster hub brake.

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