Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Flashback Fabric Post, Osaka, Tokyo: Part 3

The third and final installment!

osakafabric (30 of 51).jpg
In the meeting / showroom of one of the jersey companies we work with from of Osaka.

osakafabric (31 of 51).jpg
Posing by the rows of fabric swatches. The office had two room, the fabric showroom/meeting room where I am pictured and next door a quaint office space. A nice close knit operation of about 15 people. Low and behold they are one of the best if not the best jersey production company in Japan in terms of quality and craft.

osakafabric (32 of 51).jpg
Like the post Meiji era work on the left and a new more contemporary interpretation of that on the right.

osakafabric (33 of 51).jpg
Forget what building this was but really liked the how dynamic the building frontage is with the play on depth and texture.

osakafabric (34 of 51).jpg
Another beautiful post Meiji building.

osakafabric (35 of 51).jpg
Look at the person to the left of the door in relation to the height of the entrance.

osakafabric (36 of 51).jpg
Love the geometric facade of the building.

osakafabric (38 of 51).jpg
A pretty old furniture shop.

osakafabric (39 of 51).jpg
The building that A.P.C. Osaka inhabits, like the facade and the cut corner, reminiscent of late 70s.

osakafabric (40 of 51).jpg
I forget the name of the brand in the dark grey building, but the they took out the second story so the store space is only on the ground floor with tall ceilings. The interior was over the top curation, a lot of taxidermy if my memory serves me correct. The white building next door is a Mihara Yasuhiro flagship.

osakafabric (42 of 51).jpg
A very welcoming store front, I'm not sure if its the subconscious gesture of the doors being wide open.

osakafabric (43 of 51).jpg
Lo-fi green space in the cafe area of Urban Research.

osakafabric (49 of 51).jpg
The line for Forever 21 went two - three blocks to the left of this photo. They have over 60 copyright suits filed against the company.

osakafabric (50 of 51).jpg
This paisley shirt was one size too small...

I could go on with more photos and captions but I think what I've posted so far sums up most of what happend in Osaka and Tokyo without getting me into trouble.

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