Friday, March 14, 2008

14.03.08 Update

New Balance's Canvas 576 pack has made it's way down here. This pack truly embodies the direction we take in store. More under the top than over. All the goodness for $115.

Gold and Silver also in. $195.

Pointer Footwear also back in. Check the creme Taylors.

Onto the clothing:

The usual suspect PAM is back with some great stuff as part of their Space Face collection

For SS08, we're proud to bring you MHI:

The T-Shirts fit like a charm. Can't go wrong there.

That's it for now. WoodWood and the like to follow. See you lot in store.


Anonymous said...

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techdroid the ninja said...

how much is the PAM shirt?

know it nothing said...


Anonymous said...

would like to know if you still got the white sneaker from pointer footwear? size 10UK 11US.

im from KL, will be around to check your store if you do have those sneakers. Thanks!