Thursday, December 20, 2007

Post-weekend trauma

Post from 2 weeks ago:

What was supposed to be a relaxing weekend turned out into the busiest ever.

Saturday's DBS + event on Haji Lane was unreal. We've never seen that many people kickin it, beer in hand inside and outside the store. We were mad busy inside trying to juggle between consuming the free booze and selling stuff. Nobody else to blame except Tiger Beer and magazine for all that craziness. Props to them for organizing a stellar event that brought all these people off the beaten path. It's days like these that make us appreciate Haji Lane for what it is. Nowhere else in the city can we do stuff like that. I hear DBS signed up so many people for their Live Fresh credit card that we'll be seeing more of these events in the near future.

To all the people that came in store for the free booze, good on you all for staying in and creating a solid atmosphere. Felt more like a bar than a working environment in ere. Hope you all had a solid evening. I know we did.

The next day was the Sole Obsession Barbeque on Haji Lane with support from all the retailers around. Another solid event that brought everyone together. Streething fam was there, Leftfoot were around. Nothing serious, just good food, great company and more beer. The Ghettoblaster was posted outside to deliver some old skool steez. Props to Sole Obsession for organizing another great event. You guys are taking it to a whole new level.

Weekends like those make you wish the week started on Tuesday.

We have closed the store for the Holiday and normalcy will be restored tomorrow at 1pm.

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